Discover Berlin on your own terms, with a passionate team!


The team

BERLIN LIKE A LOCAL is a French-German team made up of three independent and experienced guide-historians. We are Berliners by birth or adoption, we love our city and we explore, explain and share it with great pleasure.

We met each other over the years conducting city tours in Berlin. Together we decided to take over BERLIN LIKE A LOCAL in 2020, when the founders, Eric and Alice, moved back to France to run gîtes in the southern Ardèche.

Our vision and philosophy

We will develop with you customised, friendly and high-quality Berlin tours in English, whether on foot or by bike, to help you discover the Berlin city center or the eccentric and alternative Berlin. We also offer our tours in French and in German.

For years we have been observing the political, social and urban development of Berlin, as well as the latest news about street art and the many projects of Berlin’s sub-culture. We have a lot to tell you!

BERLIN LIKE A LOCAL is the result of our drive and expertise as a team.
You are looking for a guided tour of Berlin to discover Berlin’s highlights or the alternative scene? We will take you on a private city tour, on your own terms and at your own pace.


As a German and coming from an old Berlin family, my story is linked to Berlin’s history.

My mother came from the East, but I was born in West Berlin. We left the French occupation zone for France, where we stayed 4 years. Then we went to the Netherlands, but when I was 18 I decided to return to “Germany”, which was still West Germany at the time.

In 1989 I worked in Munich as a military nurse and helped to care for refugees from the GDR. I used to come back to Berlin regularly, but this overwhelming experience and the crazy 90s made me settle there.

I studied history and political science there and once I graduated, I realised I wanted to share Berlin’s history by wandering the streets and leading guided tours.

Before anything else, history is about the lives of human beings. It can only be understood by observing the city and discovering how its inhabitants have lived – or survived. Everyday, I am inspired and amazed by the cultural richness and freedom that are still and luckily so strong in Berlin.


After many years studying history at Paris-Sorbonne, I was suddenly drawn to Berlin’s subculture and art scene in 2011.

I moved here with one big backpack and lots of dreams, which over the years have come true: making experimental music in the dark cellars of Kreuzberg, exploring the beauties and secrets of the city and sharing my passion for Berlin by offering guided tours.

Since 2012, I have been working both with agencies and as a freelance tour guide, helping individuals, schools and companies to discover Berlin, with a touch of humour and great delight!

As the years go by, I remain fascinated by the many interesting questions that arise from Berlin’s history, arts, urban planning and sociology. I am happy to live in a city where the population is driven by a spirit of solidarity and tolerance, inventiveness, creativity and community activism.

In the course of a story, a conversation or an extraordinary location, perhaps you will also be moved by the charm of Berlin?


As a true modern history geek, I decided in 2011 to leave Paris and to settle in Berlin. Since then, I have been sharing my passion for this vibrant city, either as a local and independent tour guide or by collaborating with agencies.

With a master’s degree in modern history of international relations, I analyse and deconstruct the history of Germany and Berlin in order to transmit complex historical concepts with simplicity and humour.

Thanks to more than ten years working as a leader or trainer in youth centers, I have learnt to pass on information in a didactic way and to communicate it in a lively way to all kinds of audiences.

Bringing a historical, political, social and artistic content to my visits, I wish to help everyone understand Berlin’s past and present times, from the youngest to the most inquisitive visitors…!

We look forward to introducing you to Berlin and sharing with you our tips and advices!

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