Berlin custom tour and trip

Berlin custom tour and trip

Berlin custom tour and trip

“We’re happy to assist you in planning your programme of visits and we are happy to adapt routes and themes to suit your needs.” BERLIN LIKE A LOCAL

“We’re happy to assist you in planning your programme of visits and we are happy to adapt routes and themes to suit your needs.” BERLIN LIKE A LOCAL

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You want to make the most of your exploration and discover the many facets of the capital?
Benefit from tips and advices provided by experienced Berlin tour guides and create a customised Berlin sightseeing programme tailored to your needs, your budget, the local situation… and the weather!
  • Follow an English-speaking tour guide for a tailor-made private tour of Berlin.
  • Customise your programme and choose the themes and places you want to discover.
  • Need some advice on getting around? We can help you choose the most suitable means of transport!
Private guided tour from 150€. Walking or by bike. We recommended a 3 hours tour.
Create a complete city tour programme with our tailor-made Berlin offer, so you can discover Berlin like a Berliner, at your own pace and according to your own wishes.

Berlin custom tour and trip: what we offer

A flexible programme of visits to suit your needs. A multilingual team (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch) that can guide international groups, individuals, schools and companies. Good tips and reliable, friendly, quality local partners.

Private Berlin custom tours

Fully customisable private tours of Berlin.
From Berlin’s city centre and its highlights to the alternative Berlin.
Tour durations adapted to your stay and your pace.
Walking, cycling, by bus, with a small private boat, in a kayak…
Flexible, friendly and dedicated tour guides.

How to discover in a few days the many aspects of Berlin, the complexity of its history, the artistic vitality and the fascinating atmosphere for which it is known? We help you!
We put our expertise at your service to help you organise a trip that’s tailored to your needs, your interests, your budget, the local conditions… and the weather!
We provide customised private guided tours of Berlin, from Berlin highlights to Berlin off the beaten track. Benefit as well from our tools and tips for activities, outings, restaurants, shows, concerts, transport, etc.
Private guided tour from 150€. Walking or by bike. We recommended a 3 hours tour.

Berlin custom tour and trip: what we offer

With its wide range of museums, original activities and restaurants, Berlin always has something interesting to offer! We can advise you, guide you or put you in touch with our friendly and talented local partners, taking your budget into account.

Private Berlin custom tours

You decide the topics we cover, the places you want to visit, the duration of the tour and the type of transport we use. You can add extra services and plan your full trip with us. We customise all our tours in Berlin, to suit your pace, your needs and your desires.

History, lifestyle, culture and unique activities

From the Berlin Highlights to Berlin’s daily life, from the Berlin Wall and the Jewish Quarter to the alternative and artistic Berlin, from the best Kebab in Berlin to street art and techno, we can give you a diverse and comprehensive overview of the city.

Berlin custom tour and trip: leisure and entertainment

Restaurants, shows, concerts, activities, spas, massage parlours, transport – we can help! Feel free to consult our tools and tips, or send us your specific requests.

Custom Berlin trip

Customise your Berlin trip! Our customised guided tours of Berlin are suitable for everyone, whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, as a family, with friends, with a school group or with your company,

To help you visit and discover the city at your own pace and according to your needs or wishes, we offer you a fully customised service.

If this is your first visit to Berlin, we can help you get to know the city and its historical aspects as well as the most alternative neighbourhoods.

If you have been to Berlin before, or if you live in Berlin, we offer a wide range of services to help you learn more about the city or to (re)discover it in an unusual way, for example from the perspective of street art or the alternative scene.

Berlin custom tours

BERLIN LIKE A LOCAL: we are independent Berlin based tour guides. We will therefore have the pleasure to meet you and to guide you Berlin like a localfor a unique, original and unforgettable experience. Our tours are both comprehensive and flexible, and we adapt to your pace, your desires and your needs.

Customised private tours of Berlin

By choosing a guided tour of Berlinwith BERLIN LIKE A LOCAL, you decide to explore Berlin like a Berliner, with a guide who was born in Berlin or is an adopted Berliner. We know the city like the back of our hand and have been offering guided tours for many years in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. We make sure to show you places that you might have missed, travelling on your own.

Our tours are the result of years of studying history, guiding travellers in the city and exploring the city ourselves. We put this experience at your service to offer you quality and enjoyable guided tours of Berlin.

We decide together about the rhythm and the circuit. Would you prefer a walking or biking tour of Berlin? Tours are private, the length of the tour and its organisation depends on you, your wishes and your needs.

Berlin classic tour

Is this your first time in Berlin? This guided tour is ideal for discovering the highlights of the city centre. You want to discover the cathedral, the television tower, the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, Gendarmenmarkt, Humboldt University, the Reichstag, Potsdamerplatz, the Holocaust Memorial? Make your selection and we will take you there!

Berlin cold war and wall tour

For 28 years, the Berlin Wall separated the city into East and West Berlin. It is without a doubt the event that most strongly marked and symbolised the Cold War period and the 2nd half of the 20th century. The history of the German capital is forever marked by the construction and the fall of the Berlin Wall. During the Berlin Cold War and Wall tour, we present the key events that affected the city from 1945 to 1989.

Berlin off the beaten path tour

On our Berlin off the beaten path tour, we show you how the city has evolved and we explore some hidden and original places that make the city so attractive and pleasant to live in. You will discover the charm of the new Berlin, but also the alternative districts and their history, which make Berlin an extraordinary city.

Berlin Street art tour

Street artists from all over the world come to beautify the German capital with their messages and colours, from small, confidential wonders to monumental murals known all over the world. We design the route of this Berlin street art tour according to the areas you wish to visit and the type of art you wish to see.

The Jewish Quarter and Berlin’s inner courtyards

The Mitte neighbourhood, the city centre, is mainly known for its monuments and modern architecture. An old part of the district has nevertheless survived the 20th century. It still features beautiful courtyards that are sometimes difficult to locate and carries the history of the pre-war Jewish population. It is an ideal visit to discover pre-war Berlin.

Berlin on demand with our selection of museums and activities

As part of our tailor-made Berlin service, we recommend museums and activities in the city centre.

Museum ideas as part of Berlin custom tour and trip

Berlin counts more than 160 museums: history, art, culture, alternative Berlin… Enough to satisfy the most curious visitors! We will be happy to help you select the museums that best suit your needs. Here is a selection of the major museums – and this list is not exhaustive. Please let us know what your interests are.

Museum ideas on the history of Berlin

GDR Museum

If you are interested in this period of Berlin’s history, the GDR murseum (DDR Museum) offers an insight into the daily life of East Germans when the city was still divided. This exhibition is a perfect addition to our Berlin cold war and wall tour. You can visit the museum on your own or you can follow a witness of that time, who will offer you a guided tour to tell you about his daily life on the East side, at the time of the Wall.

Stasi Museum

The Stasi (Ministry of State Security of the GDR) was the main actor in the extensive monitoring of the inhabitants of East Germany. A visit to the Stasi Museum provides an insight into the development, functions and working methods of the GDR’s state security agency. The museum is located in the former headquarters of the Ministry of State Security (MfS). You can explore the permanent exhibition on your own, or book a guided tour on the museum website.

Berlin Wall Museum

At the Berlin Wall Museum, you can find out in detail about theclever ways in which East Germans crossed over to the West, and details of failed and successful escape attempts between 1961 and 1989. The museum offers audio guides and we can also organise a guided tour for you.

Spy Museum

The Spy Museum, which opened in 2015, is the best place if you want to find yourself thrown into the darker realms of spycraft and secret services, from the Cold War to the present day. Ideal with children.

Ideas for Art and culture museums

Pergamon Museum

If you want to see the Market Gate of Miletus, the Gate of Ishtar and the Altar of Pergamon, among others world treasures.


For its magnificent neo-baroque architecture, its important collections of ancient sculptures and Byzantine art.

Altes Museum

For its collection of ancient art, which is among the most important in the world. It houses thousands of archaeological objects of Greek, Roman and Etruscan origin.

Neues Museum

For the Egyptian art collections and the famous bust of Nefertiti.

Alte Nationalgalerie

For its collections of 19th century German art and French impressionist artwork.

Hamburger Bahnhof

For its impressive collections and exhibitions of contemporary art

On request, we can share with you the websites we check, which provide information on cultural activities in Berlin and current temporary exhibitions.

Daytime activities for your Berlin custom tour and trip

To enhance your stay, here are a few ideas to consider for your Berlin programme:

Beer tasting workshop – Visit Berlin by Trabant – Visit the television tower – Visit the Reichstag dome – Visit Berlin by boat – Kayak trip – Bowling evening – Escape rooms…

Restaurants and food offers for your Berlin custom tour and trip

Berlin has an ever more extensive range of restaurants. Lunch and dinner according to your budget. From curry-wurst to gourmet restaurants, from German food to fusion gastronomy, from pizzerias to Turkish grill restaurants. Depending on where you are staying and the atmosphere you want, whether you are alone, a couple, a family, friends or a group, we have selected our best locations for you.

Relaxing and fun activities for your Berlin custom tour and trip

After a day spent exploring the city, it is not uncommon to want to relax and enjoy a spa or massage as well as one of the many shows and evening activities the city has to offer. Don’t hesitate to tell us about any specific wishes you may have.

Relaxing with your Berlin custom tour and trip

– The best spas and saunas – Massage salons – Gyms

and any other specific sports and leisure activities, according to your wishes.

Berlin’s shows, concerts and evening activities with your Berlin custom tour

Berlin has a highly developed and dynamic cultural scene. It can be hard to find your way around! Here are a few useful websites to guide you through your Berlin evenings:

  • Exberliner (in English) :An online magazine covering cultural events, exhibitions and arts news in Berlin.
  • Visit Berlin – Culture (in English) :The culture section of the official website of the Berlin tourist office offers information on museums, theatres and events.
    Visit Berlin – Culture
  • Berlin Art Link (in English):A platform dedicated to contemporary art in Berlin, covering exhibitions, artists and events.
    Berlin Art Link
  • Berliner Festspiele (in English):Official site for cultural festivals in Berlin, including the Berlinale, the MaerzMusik music festival, and other events.
    Berliner Festspiele
  • Tip Berlin (in German):A weekly magazine with information on events, concerts and cultural outings in Berlin.
    Tip Berlin
  • Zitty (in German):A cultural magazine with information on events, concerts and cultural outings in Berlin.
    Zitty – Concerts Party
  • Resident Advisor (in English):Resident Advisor (RA) is an international platform that specialises in electronic music (sometimes including other musical genres):
    Resident Advisor – Berlin Events

Getting around Berlin

Transport in Berlin

By foot / public transport

IIf you want to get around either on foot or by public transport, Berlin is well connected by a large network of underground, bus, tram and S-Bahn (the local suburban railway) lines. We can advise you on the most appropriate tickets for the number of people you are travelling with and the length of your stay.

Berlin by bike

Cycling is one of Berliners’ favourite means of transport. The city is flat and has wide avenues and many bicycle lanes. All our guided tours can be done on foot or by bike, the choice is yours.
If you wish to cycle on your guided tour, we can arrange the rental service for you.
If you’re looking for a rental company to provide bikes for several days, we work with quality rental companies offering comfortable city bikes (adults and juniors). We will gladly recommend their services to you.

Contact us to design a customised programme of visits in Berlin.

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