Berlin Private tours

Berlin Private tours

“Welcomed on our website. Here is our selection of private tours of Berlin, walking or by bike. Feel free to ask for a fully customised tour! ” Bianca, Adrien and Björn, your three tour guides from BERLIN LIKE A LOCAL

“Welcomed on our website. Here is our selection of private tours of Berlin, walking or by bike. Feel free to ask for a fully customised tour! ” Bianca, Adrien and Björn, your three tour guides from BERLIN LIKE A LOCAL

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Berlin private tours on your own terms

“Welcomed on our website. Here is our selection of private tours of Berlin, walking or by bike. Feel free to ask for a fully customised tour! “

Berlin Private tours

Our Berlin guided tours

Discover the highlights of Berlin or the alternative Berlin in a warm and relaxed atmosphere with an experienced tour guide.

Customise your private guided tour in Berlin

Customised private tours, to suit your needs.

Discover the history of Berlin with a History expert.

The Prussian Berlin, the Second World War, the Wall and the Cold War. A full programme!

Explore the original and alternative Berlin off the beaten path.

Berlin’s secrets, alternative scene, street art and nightlife.

Walk or cycle around the city

Choose the pace and duration of your visit. A passionate and friendly guide will adapt to your needs.

Customise your Berlin tour

To meet your needs, we offer a fully customised service: we decide together how long the tour should last and which route we should take, to suit your wishes and your travel requirements.

Our Berlin private tours are for everyone, whether you are a single traveller, a couple, a family, friends or a group.

If this is your first visit to Berlin, we can help you get to know the city and its historical aspects as well as the most alternative neighbourhoods. If you are a returning visitor or a resident of Berlin, our Berlin private tours will help you learn more about the city, or rediscover Berlin through its street artor alternative scene.

English private tours with Berlin like a local

When you choose BERLINLIKE A LOCAL, you décide to explore the city with a guide born in Berlin or an adopted Berliner. We’ve lived in Berlin for many years and know the city like the back of our hand. We hope our friendly energy and good spirit will help you enjoy your stay.

Our tours are the result of years of studying history, guiding travellers in the city and exploring the city ourselves. We put this experience at your service to offer you quality and enjoyable guided tours of Berlin.

In order to cover the chosen themes accurately and in a timely manner, we study each request carefully. We recommend a route that brings us to the main locations as well as those you might have missed on your own. We look forward to meeting you soon and showing you how exciting Berlin is!

Private tours by Berlin like a local

Berlin is a huge and polycentric city, modern but loaded with a strong history, dynamic and constantly evolving: it is difficult to discover Berlin on your own! A tour guide can quickly prove to be essential for visiting Berlin.

We’ve been living in Berlin for many years and are fascinated by the complexity and contrasts of this city. We make sure that we pass on our knowledge in a friendly, lively and instructive way. We love our work and share our passion for Berlin with a smile!

We are warm, curious and dedicated people and our long experience as guides has taught us to adapt our tours to the different needs of travellers and audiences.

On a private guided tour of Berlin, you can discover both the highlights of the city as well as the hidden secrets of the German capital, off the beaten path. To get around, choose what suits you best: a private tour of Berlin on foot or by bike!

On our website, you will find a number of different themes for Berlin private tours. We offer reasonable prices that are based on the number of participants and the duration of the tour. Please contact us! We can also arrange a fully customised tour or trip of Berlin.

Berlin like a Berliner!

During our Berlin private guided tours, we try to avoid the beaten track and the traditional tourist centres as much as possible. We are happy to share our tips with you and advise you on where to go and how to spend your time.

Berlin like a local: the highlights or the most original private tours

Berlin is a city deeply and dramatically marked by contemporary history. In just over a century, it has gone from being the capital of glorious Prussia and an important industrial centre to a deformed city, first by Nazism and the Second World War, then by theCold War and the Wall. It was not until 1990 that the city was reunited. A year later, it became the capital of a reunified Germany and began a long process of healing, which is still ongoing today.

History has had a major impact on how the city has been rebuilt and has functioned over the past 30 years. If we consider the challenges related to remembrance, political power and urban planning, but also the exceptional development of the art scene, the many extraordinary locations or the undergroundand alternativemovements, Berlin has become an avant-garde and fascinating city.

We carefully combine these different ingredients to offer you thematicor fully customised Berlin private tours suitable for everybody.

Berlin like a local: the alternative and modern Berlin

Berlin is changing so fast that books are quickly out of date. We keep up to date and are active in the heart of Berlin’s cultural and artistic scene.

Urban arts, the alternative scene, the nightlife and the techno scene coexist with start-ups, hipsters and hyper-connected people. Berlin’s dynamism and ungoing development attracted us, as well as many people from all over the world to Berlin.

On our Berlin private tours, we show you these exciting locations, which are being created, or are disappearing, moving or changing at great speed.

Guided tours for groups

We also organise tours for companies, school groups and associations, including cultural, entertainment, culinary and artistic activities. Berlin private tours for groups can be conducted in the language(s) of your choice: French, German, or English, but also Spanish or Italian.

We will advise you and help you organise and book activities for your group. We work with reliable and qualified partners, who provide quality services in terms of catering, accommodation or activities. Contact us for your project: together we will design an unforgettable and customised stay.

Choose between a private guided tour of Berlin on foot or by bike

Each of our private guided tours of Berlin can be done walking or by bike. You decide.. We can also adapt to your specific requests (renting a coach, a car with a driver, a riksha, a small private boat or even kayaks), to discover Berlin in a comfortable, sporty or playful way.

Berlin private walking tours

On a private guided walking tour of Berlin, we can more easily talk to each other while walking from one place to another.

Si nous parcourons environ 5 km pour une visite de 3 heures, nous adaptons évidemment le trajet en fonction des participants et des capacités de chacun.

Berlin is a very large city. In order to best cover the theme of the tour, we may have to use public transport (bus, tram or underground) – we will inform you of this in advance when we define the route together. In this case, a ticket (AB) valid for the duration of the visit will be required for each participant.

Tickets are not included in the price of our guided tours.

English private tours of Berlin by bike

Cycling is one of Berlin’s favourite means of transport. The city is flat, the streets are wide, there are plenty of cycle paths, traffic is relatively light… so cycling is an excellent way to explore the German capital

To take a private tour of Berlin by bike with BERLIN LIKE A LOCAL, you can:

  • book a bike with us for the duration of our tour,
  • come with a rental bike,
  • come with your own bike.

If you only want to rent a bike for the duration of the tour, we work together with bike rental companies in the city centre, whose bikes, service and location we appreciate. We can book the bikes for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything! You will then enjoy comfortable city bikes with an ideal starting point for the tour.

For a longer rental period, we recommend renting a bike from a rental company near your hotel/apartment. Many Berlin hotels offer a bike rental service. In all parts of the city you can easily find bikes for rent, and we can of course recommend bike rental companies.

How long does a private tour of Berlin last?

The average length of our Berlin private tours is 3 hours. The city is large and complex and we estimate that 3 hours are necessary to get a satisfying experience. Don’t worry! Time will fly by! If you wish, we can of course take a coffee break. We can also adapt to your wishes and needs and you can contact us to work out a customised programme with us.

Fully customised private tours of Berlin: as long as you want!

We are happy to organise longer Berlin private tours, whether for some hours or several days. If, on the other hand, you have little time, we can reduce the length of the tour and adapt it to your needs. We will give you the best possible advice on how to deal with the topic that interests you, according to your needs and the actual conditions on the ground.

What is the starting point of our Berlin private tours?

We will decide with you where our guided tour starts. In order to avoid losing time during the tour, we will recommend a strategic starting point. If you wish that we book bikes for you, we will meet you at one of our favourite bike rental companies in the centre of Berlin.

Pick-up at your hotel or other location of your choice

Whether you choose a walking or cycling tour of Berlin, we can meet you at your hotel or at any other location of your choice. We will make sure that the route is efficient and that it fits your interests.

In what languages can you make a private tour with Berlin like a local

We mainly offer Berlin private tours in English, French and German. Our team consists of 2 French and one German. For international groups we can also offer tours in Spanish and Italian!

Information and contact for a private guided tour of Berlin

We are available by phone, Whatsapp or e-mail for all enquiries. You can also contact us on our social networks or fill in our contact form. One of us will get back to you as soon as possible!