berlin like a local


Tour the city on your own terms.

Berlin like a local

When you choose a guided touring experience,

the core of our passion attaches particular importance to content quality as well as to its presentation.

Berlin like a local - You tour on your own terms

Because every traveler is unique!

Enjoy Berlin on your own terms
Explore Berlin like a local
Fullfil your thirst for knowledge and culture

Berlin like a local is tailored for

Business and school groups
Travelers and locals in Berlin
Tourism and hospitality sector

With Berlin like a local, you will discover a huge, evolving city

with many faces and steeped in history.

We will help you efficiently explore Berlin

The “Berliner” lifestyle

which makes the city such a pleasant place to live in

The cultural and artistic legacy of the city

often overlooked or unexplored

Historical events and landmarks

the quintessentials

Berlin like a local - Discover Berlin at your pace

Berlin like a local private and group tours

Each private and group tour of Berlin is designed by our team to meet your needs. These tours cover many topics, historical, cultural and about lifestyle of the Berliners, on and / or off the beaten path. The tours are offered in English, German, French and Spanish. With Berlin like a local, you choose the touring method and the pace, whether it be walking or cycling.

With Berlin like a local, you will explore the city at your pace.

On and off the beaten path.

Berlin like a local custom travelling experiences

Berlin like a local caters to its leisure and business traveling customers and provides fully personalized services. We organize your visit “a la carte” and offer you activities, restaurants, outings, museums, concerts, hospitality and transportation services. Berlin like a local selects its collaborations with care and works only with competent quality partners specialized in their fields.


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