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Self-guided walking tour Berlin (~ 1-hour)

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The self-guided walking tour Berlin app has been designed for visitors on a time constraint and travelers who do not want to waste time while they’re getting to know the best of Berlin. Berlin highlights city tour is the perfect app to have in your pocket. Learn about the destinations. Create and share memories. And relive your experiences at anytime. Download the app and tour at your own pace.

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Discover 200+ years of Berlin's fascinating history


Imperial Berlin

Brandenburg gate


Nazi era

Hitler’s bunker


Cold War time

Berlin Wall


Modern Berlin

and more…

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a self-guided tour

The BerolinApp is the comprehensive Berlin touring app that allows more freedom to wanderlust enthusiasts.

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A special prize awaits you after the tour!

BerolinApp Berlin Highlights City Tour

Self-guided walking tour Berlin… on your terms!

Whether you are a solo traveler, a business traveler, or a couple on a trip to Berlin, BerolinApp Highlights is the perfect app to have in your pocket to help you explore the most significant sites that Berlin has to offer in a short time. The BerolinApp has been designed for visitors on a time constraint and travelers who do not want to waste time while they’re getting to know the best of Berlin.

If you have only an hour to spend in the city, the self-guided walking tour Berlin app is ideal for you. If you have some spare time in between meetings, before or after lunch or dinner, before or after a conference, or while taking your train or going to the airport, then with BerolinApp you can tour the best of Berlin anytime, on your own terms.

Self-guided walking tour Berlin highlights

When you do not know a city and want to get the best out of it in a short time, it is not always easy to know where to start. Our self-guided walking tour Berlin has been designed to help you discover Berlin’s most significant sites in an efficient way with all the relevant information you will need to know. By following the self-guided walking tour Berlin from start to finish, you will complete your visit in around 1 hour, and cover a 2.5-kilometer (or 1.5 miles) distance.

The tour starts at Potsdamerplatz, one of the most prominent squares of Berlin and a very easy-to-find location. You can reach Potsdamerplatz directly via public transport from almost anywhere in Berlin. Alternatively, you can grab a taxi, or perhaps your hotel is located right nearby, walking distance from the square.

You will end the self-guided walking tour Berlin at the Reichstag monument, one of the most famous Berlin sites, located at the foot of the Tiergarten, the largest park in the city center of Berlin.

Explore the unmissable sites with the self-guided walking tour Berlin

With BerolinApp Highlights, you will tour all of Berlin’s unmissable sites. Berlin has so much to offer. The self guided walking tour Berlin will not cover all the monuments, museums, statues, fountains, memorials, and other sites that Berlin has to offer. But the idea is to walk you through the main tourist attractions and provide you with all the background information required to understand the history of the city. This BerolinApp Highlights tour includes the following essential sites:


The tour starts at what was once the busiest square in Europe, back at the beginning of the 20th century. The Potsdamerplatz has lived through all the historical periods of Berlin and today features some of the most prominent architecture of the ‘90’s. It is an unmissable Berlin location, and the BerolinApp highlights will show you all you need to know about it.

Berlin Wall

The city was divided in two by the Berlin wall for more than 28 years. The self-guided walking tour Berlin will take you to a hidden location right in the city center to show you an important part of device mechanism put in place by the East German government to ensure that the Berlin wall was impassable. You will receive all the relevant information concerning the wall, from its construction to its fall.

Hitler’s bunker

Books and movie scenarios have been written about Hitler’s bunker, the location where he ended his life at the end of world war two. The self-guided walking tour Berlin will take you right to this location so that you can find out what has replaced the bunker today and get detailed information on the Bunker itself as well as the Adolf Hitler’s former chancellery.


To never forget the atrocities and genocides perpetrated by the Nazis, the German capital has laid out several memorials in the city center. These memorials are located on the path of the BerolinApp highlights tour, and during this walk, you will learn about the crimes committed and the communities which suffered most during the Nazi era. You will see four memorials.

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is Berlin’s most well-known monument, as it is now a symbol of the reunification of Germany after 28 years of division by the Berlin wall during the Cold War era. The self-guided walking tour Berlin explains the history of the monument and its evolution over time.


The Reichstag is the seat of the German parliament, the Bundestag. A former Prussian building, it was heavily damaged during world war two and was restored after the German reunification. BerolinApp highlights will tell you about the major events which have happened here during the course of history as well as describe the building to you in terms of architecture. The renovation was made by the famous architect Norman Foster.

By completing the self-guided walking tour Berlin, you will have seen the unmissable sites of Berlin in only about one hour.

Discover Berlin’s history and facts with the self-guided tour Berlin

BerolinApp highlights offers that you stop at several relevant points of interest. You will learn about the historical background of the specific location you are at with included revealing textual information. The self-guided walking tour Berlin covers more than 200 years of history. Berlin is a city marked by history. At every street corner, you will be able to discover the remains of the different eras, all of which have impacted the city so profoundly. The BerolinApp highlights will show you elements and monuments of each of the important eras of the city. It makes it an extremely diverse, entertaining, and informative walking tour. You will get a glimpse of imperial Berlin, the Berlin Nazi era, the Berlin Cold War time, and finally modern Berlin.

Berlin is a city in constant evolution. In order to show you how things change over time, BerolinApp highlights features amazing historical visuals for every location. This is the best way for you to appreciate the sites you are looking at in their historical context.

Why a self-guided walking tour Berlin?

BerolinApp highlights is part of the BerolinApp family of touring applications. BERLIN LIKE A LOCAL, a Berlin-based tour agency conceives Berlin self-guided tours for visitors, travelers and residents to enjoy the best of the city at their own pace. We specialize in Berlin private tours for leisure and business visitors. We understand that people do not always have the time to book a guide to explore the city. We are delivering our quality content and guiding experiences via this BerolinApp application, to allow you to tour Berlin on your own terms.

Self-guided walking tour Berlin at your own pace

Every traveler is unique, and everyone has one’s own subjects of interest. With our BerolinApp highlights, you can walk and enjoy sightseeing at your own pace. If you like a monument or attraction and want to spend more time having a look at it, it’s your call. If you have seen a given site already or do not have much interest in it, you can just move on to the next site.

Self-guided walking tour Berlin anytime

The BerolinApp highlights offers full freedom. You can take the self-guided walking tour Berlin at any time. Maybe you are an early bird and want to take a walk and explore Berlin before breakfast. Or perhaps you have just arrived from a long flight, it’s the middle of the night, and you cannot get to sleep because of the jetlag. Or do you just have an hour before making your way to the airport and want to use it to see the best of the city? BerolinApp highlights offers you the full freedom to tour Berlin according to your agenda. You decide when you want to tour.

Stop and start whenever you want with the self-guided tour Berlin

Another great value of the BerolinApp highlights is that you do not need to fully complete the tour. Imagine, you are caught in the middle of the tour with an important phone call and need to get back to your hotel room to sort out some important business. Thanks to mobile technology and the way we have developed the self guided walking tour Berlin for you, you can stop whenever you want and start again at the location you left off from whenever it suits you.

Easy GPS navigation with the self-guided tour Berlin

Our BerolinApp highlights walking tour is based on mapping technology and will take you from site to site with your GPS and the integrated mapping environment.

An ad-free self-guided walking tour Berlin

BerolinApp highlights is an ad-free app. You will not be faced with annoying advertisements during the self-guided walking tour Berlin. We want to make sure you focus on your Berlin touring experience and that you will not get distracted, at least not from within the app.

Enjoy a unique and entertaining experience with the self-guided tours Berlin

Berolinapp highlights is not only your best way to discover the unmissable sites of the city. You will enhance your touring experience by interacting with the application with an informative quiz, pictures and selfies, ratings and sharing your knowledge.

Entertaining quiz questions of the self-guided walking tour Berlin

BerolinApp highlights features a quiz. Upon your arrival at each point of interest, you will be given a screen with a multiple-choice question. You can select your answer from the four available possible results. The aim of the quiz is to make the tour entertaining while also being educational. Take your best guess and let’s see how knowledgeable you are!

A special prize awaits you after your self-guided walking tour Berlin

The BerolinApp highlights will calculate the number of correct answers you submit during the quiz and you will receive a special prize after the tour. This is way for us to reward you after the tour for having chosen the BerolinApp to help you explore the fascinating city of Berlin.

Keep and access your knowledge anytime after your self-guided walking tour Berlin

To keep your self-guided walking tour Berlin experience for the future, the BerolinApp highlights allows you to take pictures and selfies along the way. Your pics are stored in the application and in your phone.

You have also the possibility to rate your learning experience by indicating how much you learned about each of the Berlin sites you will see.

BerolinApp features a complete knowledge database which can be accessed at any time during or after the tour. This is a great way to read the information and look at the historical pictures again if you think you have missed anything. Moreover, this allows you to share your experience with friends and family once you are back home and want to show them all the nuggets of Berlin that you have discovered.

A self-guided walking tour Berlin designed for iOS

BerolinApp highlights is part of the BerolinApp product family and is available for download from the App Store. Whether you have an iPhone or iPad with you, we want to offer you the best possible digital traveling and exploration experience, presenting you with all of our knowledge in a mobile digital form.

Download the app and take the tour at your pace.


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