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Self-guided tour Berlin (~ 3-hour)

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Explore the essential sites of Berlin at your own pace

With this self-guided tour Berlin, you will discover the most historically relevant sites in the city. Berlin essentials city tour is the perfect app to have in your pocket. Learn about the destinations. Create and share memories. And relive your experiences at anytime. Download the app and tour at your own pace.

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Discover 300+ years of Berlin's fascinating history


Imperial Berlin

Brandenburg gate
Humboldt university


Nazi era

Hitler’s bunker
Nazi air ministry


Cold War time

Berlin wall
Checkpoint Charlie


Modern Berlin

and many more…

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a self-guided tour

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At your own pace

A special prize awaits you after the tour!

BerolinApp Berlin Essentials City Tour

Self-guided tour Berlin… on your terms!

BerolinApp essentials is the perfect app to have in your pocket to help you discover the most historically significant sites that Berlin has to offer. The route features more than 300 years of history covering the Imperial, Nazi, Cold War and modern times in the heart of the city.

By following the self-guided tour Berlin from start to finish, you will complete your visit in around 3 hours, and cover a 5 km distance (3 miles). You can decide to make your way by walking or cycling, at your own pace.

The “essential” self-guided tour Berlin

Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple or a group of friends; weather you are traveling, visiting the city or a resident in Berlin, BerolinApp essentials will take you on a tour to explore the unmissable monuments of the historical city center of the German capital.

The tour starts at Lustgarden, at the footstep of the cathedral (Berliner Dom), in the heart of the imperial Berlin. You will end your self guided tour Berlin at the Reichstag monument, one of the highlights of the city located in the middle of the government district, featuring some of the most interesting modern Berlin architecture.

Discover Berlin’s history and facts with the self-guided tour Berlin

With the self-guided tour Berlin application, you will stop at the most relevant locations. You will learn all you need to know about the historical background of the specific point of interest you are at with the embedded comprehensive information. Berlin is a city steeped in history, by following the self-guided tour Berlin you will get a good understanding of the various eras which have marked Berlin over the last 300 years.

The tour is diverse, informative and entertaining and takes you in chronological order through the imperial Berlin, the Berlin Nazi era, the Berlin Cold War time, and finally modern Berlin. As a constantly evolving city, things changes over time in the capital of Germany.

BerolinApp essentials allows you to appreciate the sites you are visiting in their historical context. The self guided tour Berlin application features amazing visuals, like historical pictures, maps and schematics for each of the locations you will stop at on the way.

Unmissable sites on the route of your self-guided tour Berlin

The self-guided tour Berlin covers a significant amount of main tourist attractions in Berlin, the following are the places you can’t avoid:

The Berlin City Palace

When it comes to the history of Berlin, no other building comes as close as the City Palace. Initially, a castle was built on the island of Alt-Cölln in the Spree in the 15th century. This was concluded despite many protests. However, the 16th century saw the demolition of the castle and in its place stands the building we know as the City Palace. This historical building was not just the residence of the Prussian Kings and German Emperors or the seat of the Hohenzollerns but the site where the March revolution of 1848 broke out. The Palace was soberly damaged during the Second World War. Among many protests, the Palast der Republik was built. The balcony where the Karl Liebknecht once stood was preserved and later added to the façade of the new Council of State Building. Now, the Palast der Republik is set to be pulled down and the City Palace will be built to restore a façade of its Baroque culture. The construction is to be completed by 2019.


The Gendarmenmarkt is a beautiful square in Berlin. It is known for its architectural ensemble of many breathtaking buildings. These include the Concert hall and the French and German Churches. Right at the center of the square stands the monumental statue of the popular German poet Friedrich Schiller. The buildings along this square were also damaged during the World War 2 but have been already restored. If you have a deep appreciation for world architecture, then this part of the city is must-see.

Checkpoint Charlie

For a James Bonds enthusiast or lover of thriller and spy novels, the Checkpoint Charlie is part of Berlin not to be missed at all. Known as the former border crossing, this specific part of the city has been commonly used as a setting for spy thrillers. It is also a reminder of the Cold War and the partition of Berlin. Don’t forget to use your camera within BerolinApp essentials as you can view the checkpoint booth, barrier, flag and, sandbags, which are all part of the original site. The site is not only known for its Cold War stories but has been the point of many escapes to East Berlin. The site hosts an open air exhibition at the corner of Schützenstraße and Zimmerstraße to tell the story about the successful and failed attempts.

Potsdamer Platz

Before the reunification, the Potsdamer Platz was a wasteland that had the Berlin wall running through it. If you have ever happened to watch the 1987 film “Wings of Desire”, then it is hard to believe what has become of that wasteland today.

Long gone are the days when the Potsdamer Platz was a good depiction of barren lands. Nowadays, it is saturated with public activity. It is truly the heart of the city when it comes to modern day Berlin. As you stand at Potsdamer Platz, you can enjoy the awe-inspiring view of high-rise buildings, an amazing shopping center, people bustling about the cinema, and the many cafes. It also happens to feature the fastest elevator of Europe, which will take you toe the Panoramapunkt in the Kollhof Tower. Here, you can enjoy the impressive view of the Berlin Skyline.

If you want to enjoy the historical and modern day essence of the city at the same time, don’t miss out on the Potsdamer Platz.

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is the monument that represents more than 200 years of Berlin history. In the past, it was a symbol of the divided city and people used to climb the observation platform in order to view the world beyond the iron curtain.  Later, at the fall of the Berlin in 1989, the Brandenburg Gate was regarded as the symbol of unity for the New Berlin. The same year, it was opened for traffic and 100,000 people came to witness the occasion. This also resulted in damage to the monument and it was not restored until 2002.

and many more essential monuments…

Apart from these wonderful Berlin sites, there are many others you can experience through the self guided tour Berlin from the BerolinApp essentials. Moreover, you can always discover some of the less documented and more secret places through the Berlin self-guided tour application.

By completing BerolinApp essentials, you will have seen the unmissable sites of Berlin in only three hours. If you are on a time constrain and do not want to miss any of the most important Berlin monuments, you can alternatively download BerolinApp highlights, the 1-hour city center self-guided tour Berlin.

Why a self guided-tour Berlin?

BerolinApp essentials is part of a family of Berlin self-guided tours, the BerlinApp touring applications. BERLIN LIKE A LOCAL is a young and dynamic Berlin based tour agency. We offer Berlin private tours to travelers and visitors who want to discover the city with a local guide. With BerolinApp, our Berlin self-guided tours applications, our idea is to offer our tour guide expertise in a mobile application for visitors and travelers who want to explore the city on their own terms.

Self-guided tour Berlin at your own pace

Every traveler is unique, and everyone has one’s own subjects of interest. BerolinApp essentials will allow you to tour the historical city center and enjoy sightseeing at your own pace. You can decide to make your way walking or cycling. The self-guided tour Berlin shows you the route and it’s you call to spend more or less time at a specific monument or attraction. May be you have seen one of the highlights of Berlin already or you to not show much interest in a specific location? With our self guided tour Berlin application, you can just decide to spend more or less time at a point of interest and move on to the next building or site as you wish.

Self-guided tour Berlin anytime

With BerolinApp essentials, there is no dependency on a travel agency or a tour guide. You take the tour according to your schedule. You do not need to plan ahead and you will never be too late or too early as you have the entire control of your time and pace. The self-guided tour Berlin offers you the flexibility to take the tour whenever you want.

Stop and start whenever you want with the self-guided tour Berlin

The application Berolinapp essentials has been designed to allow you to stop the tour whenever you want. The application will store the location you are at to offer you the possibility to continue your self guided tour Berlin at any time from where you left. You can complete the tour in two or three times if you want. Also you can decide to take a break for food and drinks or to visit a museum and continue after, whenever it suits you.

Easy GPS navigation with the self-guided tour Berlin

To navigate from one site to another, BerolinApp essentials will guide you through the integrated maps and the GPS of your iPhone or iPad. The route is very easy to follow, you will never get lost.

Ad-free self-guided tour Berlin application

With BerolinApp essentials, you will not be faced with annoying advertisements. Our self guided tour Berlin is an ad-free application. You will be able to focus on your Berlin touring experience and you will not get distracted, at least not from within the application.

Enjoy a unique and entertaining experience with the essential self-guided tour Berlin

While you are touring the essential Berlin monuments of the city center, you will be able able to interact with the self-guided tour Berlin application. The BerolinApp essentials features an informative quiz, the integration of your camera to take and keep memories of your tour, a rating function as well as the ability to share your knowledge.

Entertaining quiz questions of the essential self-guided tour Berlin

An informative and educational quiz is part of the BerolinApp essentials application. To make your tour an entertaining experience, we included a multiple choice quiz upon your arrival at each point of interest. This is an educational feature for you to learn about the history and facts of the German capital. Let’s see how knowledgeable you are? For each question, there are four available possible answers. Take your best guess and learn through the results.

A special prize awaits you after your essential self-guided tour Berlin

As you submit your answers during the quiz questions along the tour, BerolinApp essentials will calculate your score. After your self-guided tour Berlin, you will be rewarded with a special prize according to your number of correctly answered questions.

Keep and access your knowledge anytime after the self-guided tour Berlin

If you want to keep souvenirs of your self-guided tour Berlin experience, BerolinApp essentials allows you to take selfies and pictures along the way from within the application. You photographs will be stored in BerolinApp as well as in your phone to offer you an easy access any time after the tour.

Another great feature of the BerolinApp is the possibility to rate how much you did learn from each site you visited and keep this information stored in your knowledge review base.

BerolinApp essentials allows you to access all the information you have gathered as well as your pictures any time after the tour. With the self-guided tour Berlin knowledge review section, you can read the information again if you think you have missed anything. Once you are back home, you can take the tour again any time with your friends and family and share with them your experience and all the amazing monuments you have been discovering along the way.

A self-guided tour Berlin designed for iOS

BerolinApp is a family of self-guided tour Berlin applications available on the App Store. BerolinApp essentials is the app which allows you to discover the historical city center in around 3 hours. The app is available on iPhone and iPad.

The BerolinApp is the comprehensive Berlin touring app that allows more freedom to wanderlust enthusiasts.

Download the app and take the tour at your pace.


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