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Whether you’re a traveler, a visitor, or even a resident of Berlin, these insightful tours help you explore the most significant sites this great city has to offer. Learn about the destinations. Create and share memories. And relive your experiences at anytime. Download the app and tour at your own pace.

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BerolinApp Berlin smartphone tours

on your own terms!

The BerolinApp is your best source for making your own way through the beautiful paths of Berlin. No dependency on a tour guide or traveling agency to enjoy the best of the city. The Berlin smartphone tours allow you to take help from integrated maps and GPS to navigate on your own.

What is even better is that you can take a self-guided walking tour Berlin. You can also make your way with cycling. This means you can enjoy the fascinating sites and breathtaking views and come across hidden treasures all on your own.

Discover Berlin’s history and facts with the BerolinApp Berlin smartphone tours

With BerolinApp you will explore the most relevant sites in the city at your own pace. You won’t be able to enjoy the full potential of self guided tour Berlin if you don’t invest your time in learning about the city. Fortunately, the Berlin smartphone tours offer more than just a navigation through the city’s main sites. Through the BerolinApp, you can discover the tourist and cultural sites first hand while learning about what makes the city so wonderful and awe-inspiring. The BerolinApp has been conceived by BERLIN LIKE A LOCAL, an experienced local tour guide agency.

Explore stunning sites with our Berlin smartphone tours

The BerolinApp is not just Berlin self-guided walking tours app but your gateway to discovering this amazing part of the world. Saturate your mind with exceptional city knowledge and your senses with the hands-on experience of the stunning sites the city has to offer. BerolinApp offers several paths through the city depending on your subject of interest and the time you have for your visit.

Our Berlin smartphone tours deliver a clear and comprehensive information

BerolinApp offers that you stop at relevant points of interest. You will learn about the historical and/or cultural background of the specific location you are at with included revealing textual information. The Berlin smartphone tours app covers several topics with more than 200 years of art, history and culture of the city. Berlin is a city marked by history. At every street corner, you will be able to discover the remains of the different eras, all of which have impacted the city so profoundly. The BerolinApp will show you elements and monuments of each of the important eras of the city. It makes it an extremely diverse, entertaining, and informative tour. You will get a glimpse of imperial Berlin, the Berlin Nazi era, the Berlin Cold War time, and finally modern Berlin.

Learn with the amazing visuals included in the Berlin smartphone tours

Berlin is a city in constant evolution. In order to show you how things change over time, BerolinApp features amazing visuals for every location. Depending on the location you are at, the BerolinApp, Berlin smartphone tours, will show you historical pictures, documents, maps or schematics related to the tourist attraction, monument or place you are exploring. This is the best way for you to appreciate the sites you are looking at in their historical and cultural context.

Build up your city knowledge with our Berlin smartphone tours

With the BerolinApp, Berlin smartphone tours, your knowledge concerning the city will increase. You will learn about the evolution of Berlin, about the most important characters who have taken part in building it and about the cultural aspects which make it a wonderful place to live in. Whichever tour you decide to take, the BerolinApp will help you better understand Berlin. All the information, the informative facts as well as the visuals, are stored for you in the BerolinApp knowledge review section. You will be able to access it any time during and after your tour for a personal review or for sharing it with friends and family.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of our Berlin smartphone tours

The BerolinApp is the comprehensive Berlin app that allows more freedom to wanderlust enthusiasts.

Choose your number of participants with our Berlin smartphone tours

Weather you are a solo visitor, a business traveler, a couple, a group of friends or on a family trip, the BerolinApp is ideal for you. With our Berlin smartphone tours, you can navigate thru the best paths of Berlin with any number of participants. You just need to download the app once and you can start the tour and share the information with the people you are with.

Take the tour anytime with the BerolinApp!

With BerolinApp there is no need of a tour guide and you are not dependent on a traveling agency. This means that you can decide to take the Berlin smartphone tours at any time. The BerolinApp offers you the full freedom to tour Berlin according to your agenda. You decide when is the right time for you to start exploring the city. Moreover you can stop and start the tour whenever you want. Thanks to the way Berlin like a local has developed the Berlin smartphone tours and thanks to mobile technology, you can stop whenever you want and start again at the location you left off from whenever it suits you. This is another great valued of the BerolinApp.

Navigate easily with the Berlin smartphone tours

The Berlin smartphone tours allow you to take help from integrated maps and GPS to navigate on your own. You can choose to take a walking tour or a cycling tour. The tour is based on mapping technology and will take you from site to site with your GPS and the fully integrated mapping environment.

Tour at your own pace with our Berlin smartphone tours

Every visitor and group of traveler is unique. With the BerolinApp you can take your Berlin smartphone tours at your own pace, depending on the number of people and your subjects of interest. If you like a monument or attraction and want to spend more time having a look at it, it’s your call. If you have seen a given site already or do not have much interest in it, you can just move on to the next site. This is probably one of the amazing value of the app which you will appreciate the most, to have the full freedom and flexibility to tour Berlin at your own pace.

A unique and entertaining self-guided tour experience

With the BerolinApp, you will interact with the app while touring the city. You will explore the city in an entertaining and original way. The BerolinApp features an informative quiz, the ability to taking pictures and selfies, to rate your learning experience and the possibility to share your knowledge with friends and family anytime.

Berlin smartphone tours entertaining quizzes

The BerolinApp is not just your perfect solution to enjoy a self-guided tour Berlin but to gather great knowledge about this wonderful city as well. As you stop at each site or monument along the Berlin smartphone tours, the application will ask you quiz questions. You will have to answer 1 question per location. Each question is a multiple choice and the number of questions depends on the lengths of the tour you will choose. As you complete the Berlin self-guided tours, you also complete the quiz. Each question not only adds interesting information to your knowledge bank but a correct answer earns you points. This way you add up a score at the end of the tour, which will earn you the special prize. This is a great feature if you are completing the Berlin smartphone tours along with family and kids, as a school trip or with a group of friends. Don’t let your energy go down and bounce off the questions at your peers.

A special prize awaits you after completion of our Berlin smartphone tours

Once you have completed the Berlin smartphone tours, you will be rewarded with a special prize. Consider it as a motivation for making the best out of your time in the city. Since the BerolinApp is a combination of self-guided tour and quiz to make the tour more interesting, you receive a prize for scoring points at the quiz. Everyone is entitled to the special prize. However, the better your score at the quiz, the better your special prize will be.

Your pictures and selfies taken along the Berlin smartphone tours

To keep your self-guided tour Berlin experience for the future, the BerolinApp allows you to take pictures and selfies along the way. Your pics are stored in the BerolinApp knowledge review section and in your phone. You can get access to this section using the application anytime.

You can upload pictures and rate your learning experience as you visit each location during the tour and this gets stored in the knowledge review section. Apart from your pictures and ratings, it also includes the historical information on each site. You can show your friends and family how great your tour was using this section.

Rate your Berlin smartphone tours learning curve

At each stop during the tour, you can rate how much you did learn about a specific location. Your ratings are stored in the Berlin samrtphone tours application, this is another great feature of the BerolinApp. In the knowledge review section you will have a quick access to your ratings and thus be able to select and access the information of your preferred sites.

Share your Berlin self-guided tours experience

Another interesting feature of the BerolinApp, Berlin smartphone tours app, is the knowledge review section. Through here, you can share your tour experiences with others, share your experience with friends and family once you are back home and want to show them all the nuggets of Berlin that you have experienced.

The BerolinApp is the comprehensive Berlin touring app that allows more freedom to wanderlust enthusiasts.

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